Agustin Pozo Galvez was born in Chile SA 

 My early years were spent between the city of Rancagua ( a place in the valley surrounded by mountains, On the West by Cordillera de la costa and on the East by the mighty Andes ) and Seweii a mining town up in the Andes where my parents lived and worked.  Sewell was a town built on the side of the mountain; home of the deepest underground copper mine in the world, a magical place full of dangers and excitement.  In this town there were no roads, only apairs that went everywhere.  Icy cold waterfalls cascading down the canyons would mingle with the sounds of heavy industrial machinery creating a perfect backdrop for us kids to play and grow up.

 I started my venture in art in 1985 the day I was accepted at  Bellas Artes in Santiago Chile in the Department of painting/drawing.  I spent a year at Bellas Artes but decided to move to the USA to continue studying wich I did in 1968, arriving in Los Angeles California, I enrolled in a language school for two years and in 1970 bought a car and drove across the country with a Chilean friend of mine on our way to Ashbury Park, NJ.  This fantastic trip opened my eyes and my heart to the vastness and beauty of this incredible country that years later was instrumental in one of the greatest adventures of my life. 

 in Ashbury Perk at a night painting class in a local high school, I had the honor of studying with Mrs. Cohen, a well-rounded art instructor that was generous enough to take me under her wings, she opened up her vast art library to me, introducing me to painters that I had never heard of - Fra Filippo Lippi, Orcagna, Fernando Gallego, Hugo Van der Goes, and Francisco de Zurbaran to name a few.

During my stay in NJ, I made a living working for an old Spanish fine house painter, Señor Pedro Cortiza. With his cigarette perpetually hanging from his mouth taught me the arts of Faux Finishes, applications of glazes, varnishes, and mediums that to these days inform me in my fine art practice. 

 Around 1974 I became friends with an American a Chilean couple.  After many dinners and long conversations, we came to the idea of moving back to the Bay Area in California, but in order to do so, we would take our time and visit and hike as many National Parks as possible on the way over the course of eight months. So once we agreed to this plan, the next step was to start to get in shape and to save as much money as we could in the next year.  Starting in February of 1975, Ken, Patricia and I went on this magnificent journey.  Up and down canyons, mountains, rivers, and strims in the continental United States.  Not seeing a soul for weeks, just us and the trails.  Good times.  Enjoying a hot spring pool after a ten-hr hike in one of the inner canyons of the Grand Canyon.  Shearing a gourmet dinner with all the trimmings, provided by another hiker that we met hiking in the canyon ( he happened to be a well-known chef at a famous Seattle restaurant) who thought that we were crazy enough to deserve one of his specialties on one condition.  He said. "if you guys carry everything I need, I will cook a three-course meal that none of you will ever forget." And this is why to this day. I have never forgotten this amazing dinner with wine, dessert, the harmony of good friends, the roar of the Colorado River and the brightest stars that I have ever seen; all framed by the walls of the Grand Canyon a mile up in the sky.  If you have ever had the experience of hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, you understand what I mean.   Some of the not so good times, like trying to hold on to your tent in a forty mile per hr wind or falling into an ice-cold mountain stream. These are just a few of the memories in a chain of wonderful moments and stories during one of the journeys in my lifetime.


 We arrived in the Bay Area, CA in October of 1975.  During the years 1979-1982. I was enrolled at the College of Marin to continue my studies in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics.     After the College of Marin, I went to study at the San Francisco Art Institute receiving a BFA in painting 1984 and an MFA in painting 1986.  After graduation, I had several group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions around the Bay Area in California. On an artist exchange in 1988, I went to Oslo, Norway for six months and I had a solo exhibition at Gallery Herr in Oslo.


 Since graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, I have worked as a painting and drawing instructor at the San Francisco Art Institute, the University of California at Berkeley, and the College of Marin in Kentfield, California.


As a result of growing up in my home town of Sewell, Chile and with the hiking that I have done in this country, I have been educated in the need to pay attention to the abuse and bad management of our limited planetary resources and also to the incredible inequality among people, leaving behind only an endless trail of displacement and human despair. Even though my work comes from a direct and spontaneous place in the present, in one way or another I always wind up going into the past, in order to talk about the present.


In 2010 I was invited to be a fellow at the Roswell Artist in Residence Program in Roswell New Mexico.  At the end of my year-long residency, I decided to stay and make Roswell my living and working place. Since then I have been exhibiting my work here in New Mexico.  In 2019 for the second time, I was accepted into the Roswell Artist in Residency Program where I will start in March 2020.